By Paul Brock And Enda Scahill

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Only recently released, this album features melodeon playing from Paul Brock and Enda Scahill on banjo and mandolin. The tunes are played in the old ballroom style and, in my opinion, Enda’s banjo playing seems to have become more laid back than what we’re used to hearing on Pick it Up. Mind you, I don’t have the album myself and I’ve only heard preview clips.

It’s a love or hate thing with this album. It depends on whether you like Irish music from that era.

i’m in the hate category

I’m definitely in the love category. I think Enda’s playing fits a lot better in this style compared to his previous album. The piano playing is outstanding on this one also.

I think banjo + any kind of reeds is the nicest combination you can get in irish music.

Agree about banjo and reeds combination. As a banjo player, I love playing with accordions and concertinas.

I like this album… I was a little disappointed on first listen as, like the rest of you I’m sure, I was expecting the amazing surge like I got from Pick It Up. But it’s still a nice album, some very tasteful, technical playing from Enda as always (even if you don’t like the style of this album, you won’t be able to find a single fault with Enda’s playing).

And I agree completely with the rest of you…. Reeds and Banjo are unbeatable. As a box player, I love playing with banjos & mandolins 🙂

I absolutely love the penultimate track on this album - it has been seeing heavy rotation on my iPod for at least a year now!