The Best Of Patrick Street

By Patrick Street

Two comments

There are a couple of Patrick Street albums here at the moment but this one isn’t, though most of the tracks on it appear on several other albums of theirs. Musicians are:

Andy Irvine: Mandola and Vocals
Kevin Burke: Fiddle
Jackie Daly: Accordion
Arty McGlynn: Guitar

There is also a piper who plays on track 4. I believe Declan Masterson played with the band before so it could be him but I havn’t heard that much of him and I have lost the box so don’t have any further info.

Track 2: Dennis Murphy’s is a reel, not a Polka. The Bag of Spuds is a tune in Ador, not the one the link brings you to. MacFarley’s seems like a version of the common tune “Maids of Castlebar” and appears on Paddy Glackin’s album “In full spate” but is different enough to be a seperate tune.

Track 9: Lad O’Beirne’s is a tune in Fmaj. Murphy’s Reel here is infact a common tune called “Quinn’s”.