Music From French Newfoundland

By Ron Felix, Ivan White, Ron And Gerry Formanger, Ed Doucette

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  1. 2 Reels
  2. A Jig Which Ivan Learned From His Father
  3. A French
  4. Two Lovely Jigs
  5. Aggie’s
  6. A Couple Of What Ronnie Would Call Old Jigs
  7. Sheehan’s
    The Sally Gardens
  8. Uncle Victor’s
  9. Cape
  10. Walker Street Medley
  11. The Rambling Pitchfork
    The Idle Road
    Gan Ainm
  12. Another Very Distinctive Sort Of Tune
  13. Two Scottish Tunes
  14. Southern
  15. An Old French Tune
  16. Two Of What Appear To Be Irish Tunes
  17. Jenny’s Chickens
  18. Kitty Jones
    Saddle The Pony
    Gan Ainm

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Newfoundland music

There’s been some discussion of Newfoundland music recently which reminded me of this LP record, from 1980, which my wife brought back from a trip there. And you thought the Irish were bad for tune titles ! The “titles” I’ve posted are what is on the album sleeve notes. I’ll try to identify some of them, and up-date the listing if I can.
Ed Doucette, Ivan White and Ron Formanger play fiddle.
{ Ivan White, according to the sleeve notes, plays a “normally” strung fiddle left-handed. ]
Gerry Formanger plays button-accordion.
Accompanying on guitar are Ron Felix and Larus White.

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