Silver Strings

By Iain Anderson

  1. The Carpenter
    The Left Handed Fiddler
    The Turnhouse
    Violet Tulloch’s
  2. Nutty Broon
    Banish Misfortune
  3. Eppie’s Tune
  4. Macfadden’s
    93 K’s To Paradise
    The Krakow Dawn
    Lad O’ Beirnes
  5. Neil Gow’s Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife
  6. The White Petticoat
    The Price Of Pig
    Apples In Winter
    Abercairney Tom
  7. Rhonnas
  8. Da Tushkar
    Sleep Soond Ida Mornin
    Miss Susan Cooper
    The Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome To Shetland
  9. Thunderhead
    The Famous Baravan
    Dick Gossips
    The Reconciliation
  10. Mollys
    The Islay Rant
    The Teetotallers
    Trip To Windsor
  11. Sunset Over Foula
    Rona’s Voe
    A Starry Night In Shetland
  12. Cronins Fancy
    Toss The Feathers
    The Hangover Pee

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**Debut Fiddle album** “Silver Strings” from Iain Anderson …

Hey everyone, my debut fiddle album has just been released on the Highlander Music label. 12 tracks, and some great musicians; Angus Lyon - piano, Duncan Lyall - Double Bass, Stevie Lawrence - Bazouki, guitar & percussion, and Colin Brown joins on 2 of the tracks with the 5 row accordion… What more could you possibly ask for ??? !!!

… So if you’re stuck for a Xmas present … !!! 🙂


Re: **Debut Fiddle album** “Silver Strings” from Iain Anderson …

Iain, could you please post the track listing of the album to the recordings section? Thanks.

Re: **Debut Fiddle album** “Silver Strings” from Iain Anderson …

Congratulations, Iain. I hear it’s a beautiful album and you’re quite a fiddler.

Re: **Debut Fiddle album** “Silver Strings” from Iain Anderson …

aww, yay!! I’m glad it’s finally out… what’s your favorite track?

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Re: **Debut Fiddle album** “Silver Strings” from Iain Anderson …

Iain - looks like good stuff. Are there any sound samples available?


Re: **Debut Fiddle album** “Silver Strings” from Iain Anderson …

Hi guys, thanks for the kind comments ! … there is a sample of the first track of the CD on my website;

Also, as requested, i’ll be posting the track listings for the album on the ‘recordings section’ of this site very shortly.

Finally, to answer the last question, my own favourite track is probably track 3, the one i wrote for my GF, “Eppie’s tune” … I thought it turned out really well but it’s the only track on the whole album that i haven’t heard being played on the radio yet !

Anway, go check out my website, (it’s a work in progress!), sign the guest book and have a wee listen to the sample track.

I’ll report back in the next few days …
Over and out !!!

Iain .

Re: **Debut Fiddle album** “Silver Strings” from Iain Anderson …

Terrific set of reels on the web site’s sample. Well done! And the mix is very good, too. Congrats!

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Re: **Debut Fiddle album** “Silver Strings” from Iain Anderson …


A question though. I’ve discussed this with quite a few Scottish fiddlers I know and it’s still a mystery and I wonder if you could shed any light on it: In Ireland, there is a great commonality between the decoration used on pipes fiddle and flute. Many of the pipe decorations are transferable directly to the fiddle, others imitated very closely. And yet with Scottish fiddle music this has not happened. A wonder why?

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Silver Strings by Iain Anderson

Hi Everyone ! I’ve just posted the track listing for my new album, Silver Strings, in the recordings section if you’re interested. It was released last week, 6th December, on the ‘Highlander Music’ label (HRMCD014) and features the following musicians; Iain Anderson - Fiddle / Angus Lyon - Piano / Stevie Lawrence - Guitar, Bazouki, Percussion / Duncan Lyall - Double Bass / Special guest appearance from Colin Brown on 5-row accordion - tracks 6 and 10.

Luckily, Its been getting played quite a bit on BBC Radio 2 BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Nan Gael, and a few others - if you happen to hear it i’d love to hear your comments, good or bad !

There’s more info on my website, including a sample of my album. If you’d like to drop me an e-mail the address is,

’Hope everyone is well … catch up with you soon !

All the best,

Re: **Debut Fiddle album** “Silver Strings” from Iain Anderson …

Hi again everyone !

As promised, i have posted the track listing for Silver Strings in the ‘Recordings’ section of this site. Don’t forget you can hear a sample of the album at my wesite

llig Leahcim , to answer your question; Pipe decoration is very common and almost intrinsic to the fiddle music of Scotland. if you listen to any fiddle groups, Blazing Fiddles, for example, they all use piping ornamentation throughout all of their recordings. I use it. Infact, most Scottish Fiddle players use it. If u buy my CD from Highlander music ………………… just kidding !!! I hope that answers your question, Llig. Any more comments or questions are very welcome.

Cheers just now !