Lost Music Of The Gaels

By Luke Daniels

  1. Reels For Grace
  2. The Swallows Tail
  3. Si Bheag Agus Si Mhor
  4. Suantra
  5. Carolan’s Concerto
  6. Reel Beatrice & Reel Of Fortune
  7. The Last Rose Of Summer
  8. Eire

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Innovative Crossover Recording 2006

Original and traditional Irish music for classical quintet and uilleann pipes.

I like to think that if Carolan himself were sitting listening to the music on this CD, he would raise a glass in fond appreciation.
Brian Keenan

Not for purists

This cd is clearly not for purist followers of traditional Irish music but includes some great performances from top notch players within extended arangments of both original and traditional tunes.

I think I must be a purist.

I’ll remember that next time you accidently go into ‘The Up downy’ reel Dow. Snigger🙂

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