Lively Steps

By Jerry Holland

  1. Jenny’s Wedding
    Drowsy Maggie
    The Shaskeen
  2. Castle Newe
    Delnadamph Lodge
    Lady Forbes Of News
  3. My Cape Breton Home
  4. Reel Made With Hilda
    Hot Fingers
    On A Hot Piano
    Little Man’s Homecoming
  5. The Hearty Boys Of Ballymote
    Daniel Michael Collin’s Father’s
  6. The British Press
    Lady Augusta
    We’ll All Gang Back To Yon Town
    Pepin Arsenault
    Joe Roach
  7. Major Molle
    Lady Erskine
    Courtney MacPherson’s
  8. Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part
    The Thatcher’s
    Miss Casey’s
  9. Margaret’s
  10. O’Mahoney’s
    Lucy Campbell
  11. Miss Catherine Ann Lamey
    The Wandering Minstrel
    The Tar Road To Sligo
  12. Cranking Out
    Lively Steps
    Garmont Smiddy’s

Four comments

Lively Steps

This is my first introduction to Jerry Holland, and I love it. There’s a lot of Irish tunes on this.This is an old recording, from 1988.

“Jerry Holland: Lively Steps”

Fiddlesticks Music, Margaree Harbour, Inverness County,
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 1988

As best I know this was only ever released as a cassette. I agree with Catherine, a fine recording.

The musicians ~

Jerry Holland - fiddle
Grady Poe - guitar
John Morris Rankin - piano