Box On

By Shona Kipling And Damien O’Kane

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  1. An Tunnag
    Dad’s Jig 1
    Dad’s Jig 2
  2. Airdi Cuan
  3. Flighty Girls
    7-8 Tune
  4. The Red Haired Girl
  5. The End
    Trip To Romania
  6. Amrhan Na Leabhar
    The Last Chance Bouree
  7. P Stands For Paddy
  8. The Road To Cashel
    The Happy Sundays
  9. Fishing With Calum
    Broken Poached Eggs
    Willy Coleman’s
  10. Dr Mitch
    The Broken Pledge

Two comments

Box On

It’s taken a while to get hold of a copy of this. First listen and it sounds great.
Once again lovely accordion playing by Shona, matched with Banjo and guitar from Damien.

Re: Box On

Does anyone know of any way to obtain this album? I’d really love to get a copy.