The Tap Session

By Andrea Beaton

Five comments

Recorded at the Tap Inn, Birnam, Scotland. Featuring Troy MacGillivray, Fin Moore, and Luke Plumb.

On this recording she plays the High Drive with 4 parts. I only know 2 parts but would love to learn the other 2 if anyone had the music for them!

Listing error?

The listing for track 9 is different here than it is on Paul Cranford’s site. I think at least one error has crept in based on a misinterpretation of notes from a different CD. I’m not sure about the other differences because I don’t actually have Andrea’s CD yet and have only heard the samples at . If people are adding to/changing info from existent liner notes, could they please note that on their listings?

Second thoughts

There could be another explanation for the differences -- maybe they were changed on the other site, in which case I apologize for seeming critical. I guess I will have to buy the CD to find out what’s right!

- Katedu

Track 2 has a number of differences as well.