Live At West Mabou Hall

By Howie MacDonald, Dave MacIsaac And Mac Morin

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Six comments

On track 2 there are four tunes. The first is a great jig called Miss Ogilvy of Isla Banks by Charles Duff (see Paul Cranford’s site). the second is Scotty Fitzgerald’s Jig by Sandy MacIntyre (it’s in Sandy’s book on page 9). The fourth tune is certainly The Tenpenny Bit. That just leaves the third.
On track 3, Miss Wedderburn’s is the second last tune.

The third tune on track 2 is Cape Breton setting of “Haste to the Wedding”

On track 3 I hear eight tunes. there are only seven listed. Despite being highlighted I can’t find The Black Mill on thesession so can’t identify where it comes in the order but Miss Wedderburn’s is definitely sixth. straight after that he plays through a 4 bar reel once (with repeats) and then plays another twice.
On track 5 Big John MacNeil follows Old King’s Reel so Tom Rae’s must be the last tune.

Getting back to track 5, it could be that one of the tunes between The White Crow and Miss Wedderburn’s is not named. There are three tunes between these two, but only two titles given. Hmmm?

That’ll be track 3 I’m thinking of!

Re: Live At West Mabou Hall

This is a terrific CD, well worth having. It’s supposed to be out of print, so I was chuffed to find a new copy in a pile in a shop. I was thinking I lucked into one that had just resourced, but in a different shop next day, found two more new ones. Maybe it has been reprinted. Wish it had liner notes.