The Good Ear

By Dougal Adams And Ormonde Waters

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  1. Pigtown
    The Crosses Of Annagh
    The London Lasses
  2. The Floating Carpet
    Gallagher’s Frolics
    The Lark On The Strand
  3. Miss Rowan Davies
  4. Cailleach An Airgead
    Whelan’s Frolics
    Pay The Reckoning
  5. The Tempest
    Connie O’Connell’s
  6. The Drunken Policeman
    Connie O’Connell’s
    An Rogaire Dubh
  7. Carolan’s
    Planxty Mary O’Neill
  8. Lament For The Reverend Archie Beaton
  9. Walsh’s
    The Mahoe Snaps
    Get Up Old Woman And Shake Yourself
    Paddy Taylor’s
  10. The Killavil Fancy
    The Monaghan Twig
    The Woman Of The House
  11. The Descending
    The Old Bush
    Martin Wynne’s #3
  12. Song Of The Coffee
    Eels In The Sink
    The Mountain Top
  13. The Bird In The Bush
    Signal Transduction
    The Matchmaker
  14. The Stone In The Field
    The Fairy
    The Spike Island Lasses

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The Good Ear

Some nice sets of laidback tunes from Oz

Track 1: Crosses Of Annagh = Michael Dwyer comp, not the Matt Molloy tune
5: Connie O’Connell’s = The Torn Jacket
6: Connie O’Connell’s = Michael Dwyer’s Jig
10: The Killavil = The Killavil Fancy, not the reel in D
11: The Descending Reel = The Culfadda

PS my mandola features on the album but it’s not played by me!

Also features some new compositions - The Floating Carpet and the Matchmaker by Dougal, and Signal Transduction by Ormonde.

Nice one, Dow

A great recording - some really lovely playing on this. “Signal Transduction” is a class reel, which I might post, unless you want to, Mark. Quite like “Dunmore Lasses”, in fact I thought it was a variant when I first heard it.
Something I’ve wondered about for a few years, and maybe you can help. I think in the late 70s I got a phone call from flute-player John Skelton one night telling me that a concertina player from Australia called Bruce Waters was in Aberdeen for a few nights, and was there any sessions going ? We had a great session with him in the “Prince Of Wales” , but I never heard of him again, and assumed he had gone back to Australia. Can their really be 2 concertina players , both from Australia, and them not be related ?

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and I meant to say - both named Waters. I also wondered if he had anything to do with the jig “Australian Waters”.

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I think it’s safe to say that there is only one Waters playing concertina in Perth and that’s Ormonde. Not sure if he has anything to do with Australian Waters. Will try and ask him.

Kenny maybe the assumption was that, since he was Australian, he’d automatically be called Bruce. LOL.

Will give Signal Transduction another listen tomorrow. Have to admit I was put off by the name! 🙂

Heart = HeartY

I have just transcribed and posted The Floating Carpet - Maybe I should have asked Dougal first. Hope he doesn’t mind.

I have also just added the Signal Transduction to the Tunes section since Dow didn’t get around to it.

See youse in Canberra

I look forward to hearing Ormonde and Dougal at the Australian national folk festival next month, and sharing a few tunes too.

Ormonde is a great concer player who gave me some tips a while back.

THe one thing that surprised me, although I’ve not heard the CD, but looking at the tracklist, lads, is that you’ve gone for old reliables. Although it’s always good to hear them interpreted afresh, I would have liked to see more new music.

Nevertheless - good stuff - an all-Aussie flute and concer album. maybe a first (?)

And there’s another being issued later this year. it’ll be mine.

what lovely concertina playing…..(flute, too, but i’m a concertina geek)….i have been listening to this on cd baby for a few weeks & just bought it….