Notes In Ma Heid

By Chris Armstrong

  1. Iain MacPherson’s
    The Broken Chanter
    Loch Roaig
  2. The Almost
    New Medley
    Orlando Tango
  3. Gav Mobile Mark 1
    Road Rage
    Three Amigos
    Thirty To Twenty
  4. Saney MacKenzie
    D.M. Peter MacNamee
    Ferry To Skye
    Bushtucker Man
    Hen Pecked
  5. Cameron Dodds
    P.M Linda Bennet
    Willie Cummings
    Barry’s MEGA Motor
    Miss Proud
  6. Chrysler’s
    P.M.John Matheson B.E.M.
    Rantarorian Cameron
    Caldwell’s Bill
    Charlie’s Welcome
  7. Cone Tango
    Bossa Nova
    New Eden
  8. Gavin Burns
    Stuart Kenny
  9. The Barbour Roar
    Bottom Hand
    Mark Bennet
    The Canary
    Hit It On The Nail
  10. Air Bas Caraid (For The Loss Of A Friend)
  11. A Bit Brash
    The Man In The Middle
    Eggs And Bacon
    50p Pint
    Honk Goose
  12. Dreams Of A Child

One comment

Not bad for a wee pup

Armstrong was only seventeen years old when he recorded this album, and one of the compositions was written when he was only ten!