By Howie MacDonald

  1. Phone Home
  2. Scotch Music
  3. Smooth Eddie
    Gordon’s Dance
    The Green Fields Of Glen Town
  4. Theresa Beaton’s
    Stiffen ‘m Brenda
    Eddie The Fiddlemaker
  5. Calum Breugach
    Christy Campbell
    The Mason’s Apron
    Sean MacGuire’s
  6. Lady Charlotte Campbell
    Urquhart Castle
    Welcome Whiskey Back Again
    Blue Stocking
    Mr. R. Cato
    Isle Of Skye
  7. Winston At Robert Stubbert’s
    St Nicholas Boat
    I Lost My Love
    Beauties Of The Ballrooom
  8. The Smith’s A Gallant Fireman
    Miss Shaw
    Cameron Got His Wife Again
    Ashley At The Branford
    JP At The Studio
    St. Ann’s
    A Long Way From Home
    Wedderburn House
    You’re Welcome Charlie Stewart
  9. The Bee’s Wing
    Gordie At The Citadel
  10. The Council Gathering
    Mrs James MacNeil
    Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be?
    Ten-Pound Tumour
    The Weaver And His Wife
  11. Matt’s Real?
    The King Edward
  12. Freddie’s March
    Alex MacEachern
    Ca’ The Stirks Frae Out The Corn
    Angus Ronald Beaton’s
    Mabou Coal Mines
    Loch Leven Castle
    Rankin Tour ‘97
    The Star Of Munster
  13. King George’s
    Ernie And Charlie’s
  14. Hillbilly’s Theme
  15. Kitchen Bitchin’
  16. Kilts On Fire

Three comments

Howie MacDonald is a bit of a joker. This Cd is supposed to sound like a kitchen party and has a live feel despite being a studio recording by Howie and JP Cormier (with small contributions from Gordie Sampson, Matt Foulds and Bill MacAulay).
The meat of the CD is in tracks 3-12. There are some great tunes and great playing. Particularly good are the set of jigs on track 4 and the long MSR sets (tracks 6, 8 and 12). Note that the "Mabou Coal Mines Strathspey" listed in track 12 is actually "MacKinnon’s Brook".
I still can’t stop myself laughing at the "audience" reaction to JP Cormier’s set (track 5). You need to hear it to understand what I mean.

Have just updated some of the track listing having referred to Alan Snyder’s notes on cbfiddle.com. I was aware that there had to be one or two unnamed tunes since, for example track 6 has three strathspeys before hornpipes.