Live From Gatineau, Quebec

By Leahy

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Leahy Live CD and DVD

For anyone who is a fan of Leahy this is a must. I highly recomment getting the CD for an energy boost while exercising or driving, but watching the DVD is also extremely entertaining. Note that there are several tunes on the DVD that are not on the CD.

I love listening to Leahy, and I very much hope they continue to make wonderful music!

Leahy Live - Track 10 on DVD

Thanks for posting this; the live album is great, and the DVD makes me wish they were touring in my area soon. (I saw them in three cities back in ‘04.)

Does anyone know the name of the tune Erin plays in Track 10 of the DVD. The DVD lists it as "Novelty Act", and it’s the one she plays with the fiddle upsidedown. A simpler version of it is played at my session, and I picked it up there, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Frank Leahy?

Frank? 😏 Is there a first name?

Nope, wrong Leahy, this is a group, not Frank Leahy the fiddler, which I was hunting information on… Sorry… 🙁

Well, their father’s name is Frank… and he’s a fiddler. I dunno if that helps.

Wedding day

I thought, and with me the site of Leahy, it was the wedding day JIG, not the wedding day REEL

What would we say…

Wedding Day

Well, I thought it would link to the Wedding Day Jig; I even put this in when I submitted the recording! But here’s the link for the jig anyway:

The drum players name is frank if thats any help

Re: For the Love of Tara

I can’t believe that this beautiful tune, For the Love of Tara is nowhere to be found on this site! So in case it’s not widely known, here’s the video for it. This is probably the most beautiful tune I’ve ever heard.
Written by Denis Lanctot (sp?) for his sister in law who died in a car accident.