The Civil War Collection

By Jim Taylor

  1. Booth Shot Lincoln
    I’ll Learn You How To Rock Andy
  2. Three Forks Of Hell
    Arkansas Traveler
    Pop Goes The Weasel
  3. Camp Chase
  4. The Rebel Raid
    Abe’s Retreat
  5. They Swung John Brown To A Sour Apple Tree
  6. Dixie
    Come Dance And Sing
  7. McClanahan’s March
  8. St. Patrick’s Day In The Morning
    Gary Owen
    Haste To The Wedding
  9. Stony Point
  10. The Falls Of Richmond
  11. There Is A Fountain
  12. Little Rose Is Gone
    Billy In The Lowground
  13. Bragg’s Retreat
    Leather Britches
  14. Last Of Sizemore
  15. Money Musk
  16. Natchez Under The HIll
    Turkey In The Straw
  17. Hell Broke Loose In Georgia
  18. John Brown’s March
    John Brown’s Dream
  19. Republican Spirit
    Mississippi Sawyer
  20. Quince Dillon’s High D
    Richmond Blues
  21. Seneca Square Dance
  22. Bonaparte’s Retreat
    Bonaparte’s Charge
    Bonaparte’s March

Two comments

The Civil War Collection

While this remains a collection of traditional airs played by both sides of the American Civil War, I submitted it to this board because of the inherent commonality of style and tunes found in both American and Irish traditions. There were also plenty of Irishmen in the ranks of both sides.

Every track is an instrumental, produced and arranged by Jim Taylor and featuring:

Jim Taylor: guitar, hammered dulcimer
Tom Draughon: guitar
Sheila Adams: banjo
Bruce Green: fiddle
Tim Abel: concertina
Patrick Sky: uilleann pipes

The liner notes by JIm Taylor are extensive. They include the origins of each tune, how and by whom each was played or used, as well as many hisotrical anecdotes involving the tunes themselves which provide context and are a pleasure to read.

The last track is a particular highlight and a suitable closer, learned directly from the playing of Kentucky’s W.M. Stepp.

This is a valuable recording of traditional music and I encourage anyone who is interested enough to be on this board to buy at once!

A further Irish connection is that Tola Custy plays fiddle on one of Jim’s previous CDs.