O’Sullivan Meets O’Farrell

By Jerry O’Sullivan

  1. Jerry O’Sullivan Welcome
    The Shepherd’s
  2. Lady Harriot Hope
    The Humours Of Castlecomber
  3. The Humours Of Ballinamult
    The Old Hagg In The Corner
  4. Adieu Adieu Thou Faithless World
  5. Cusabue Ord
    The Piper’s Maggott
  6. Quick-Step
    Willy Winky
  7. Sir Charles Douglas’s
    Braes Of Busbie
  8. Stad Erro Rogura Stad Stad
    Wild Oats
  9. Your Welcome Home
    Sall’s Delight
  10. Mill Mill O
  11. Doubaling
    The Bucks Of Tipperary
  12. O’Farrell’s
    Mr. Walker’s
  13. Miss Walker’s Favourite
    Dunkeld Hermitage
  14. The Humours Of Glen
    The Youghall
  15. The Gobby-O
    A Trip To Killarney

One comment

Lovely recording!

All tunes from O’Farrell’s Pocket Companion.. Quite fond of the tunes. Not too complicated, but nice enough to keep you interested in them… He actually plays the tunes more than two times! =O That’s pretty exciting as well.

One of my favorite tracks is Mill Mill O, which is a Baroque-influenced March which includes a second part that Mr. O’Sullivan also plays as well.

You can definitely tell they’re piping tunes… or rather NOT for the fiddle. Well.. One of the tunes anyway.. “Miss Walker’s Favorite” is a biotch on the fiddle!