The Clare Shout

By Bobby Gardiner

Five comments

The Clare Shout

The notes on the back describes the make/model/key of each melodeon used on the recording. I appreciated that, although I am not a box player. I also enjoyed the lilting and dancng and wouldn’t have minded more.

Here’s the album blurb for anyone not familiar wiith this player…

The Clare Shout: Famed Clare box player turns his attentions to his other two favourite pursuits, namely melodeon and lilting. These are two of the simplest forms of expression in the tradition, or rather, they should be, but Bobby’s inimitable style brings them to a level of artistry rarely seen.

I love Bobby Gardiner. Must look out for this album.

The Clare Shout - available for download now

The Clare Shout, a Melodeon and Lilting album by Bobby Gardiner, has recently become available for download from Bobby’s website, The album features Melodeon and Lilting selections and sample clips are available to listen to on the site.