Ballade A L’hotesse

By Christian Lemaitre

  1. Suite Gavotte
  2. Enez Sant Lorans
    Deut Mat O’ch Yann
  3. Suite D’airs De Loudéac
  4. Laridenn
  5. Tana
  6. Son Fantig
  7. Michael
  8. A Rose In June
  9. Ballade à L’hotesse
  10. Gavotenn
  11. Horo Na Poyas
  12. Suite Plinn
  13. Marches - An Dro
  14. Ton Doubl Fisel

One comment

“Ballade A L’hotesse” by Christian Lemaitre

I met Christian around 1980 when I spent six weeks touring around the Breton cafes, folk clubs & creperies with two Ulster musicians.

He was a delightful fiddle player then & from this recording I see he has matured into a magnificent player.

Anyone who enjoys Breton music, & Fiddle music, will enjoy this CD.