Bloody Men

By Steeleye Span

  1. The Bonny Black Hare
  2. The Story Of The Scullion King
  3. The Dreamer And The Widow
  4. Lord Elgin
  5. The Three Sisters
  6. The 1st House In Connaught
    The Lady Of The House
  7. Cold Haily Windy Night
  8. Whummil Bore
  9. Demon Of The Well
  10. Lord Gregory
  11. Ned Ludd Part 1 - Inclosure
  12. Ned Ludd Part 2 - Rural Retreat
  13. Ned Ludd Part 3 - Ned Ludd
  14. Ned Ludd Part 4 - Prelude To Peterloo
  15. Ned Ludd Part 5 - Peterloo The Day

One comment

Bloddy Men

The latest album from the ledgends of Folk-Rock, Steeleye Span. This is argueably their rockiest album yet, and is a joy to listen to. Maddy’s voice is just fantastic. Avaliable from most good record stores.