The Groves

By Laurel Martin

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The Groves

Tell us about Laurel Martin, please - a fine selection of tunes there. Also, if you could edit the title list without the capital letters, the “links” might show up, because most of those tunes have already been posted here.

Laurel Martin

I know a little bit about her although I don’t know her myself.
She is (adjunct ) professor of Irish Music at Boston College and is a former pupil of Séamus Connolly. She is also teaching Betsy Sullivan, a young woman I was in the class with at last years Meitheal in Limerick. There I met Seamus Connolly and he gave me a fiddle tutor which he released together with Laurel Martin. Seamus is one of the great fiddle masters of our time and a very friendly man altogether and Laurel is right in his footsteps I guess.