L’Anche À Deux Cordes

By Frank Sears, Sebastien Deshaies Et Marc Benoît

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  1. Galope À Jean-Louis
  2. Reel Du Voyageur
    Clog Double
  3. La Rencontre Des Dames
    Le Petit Salut
    La Gigue Du Lac
  4. Yolande Mon Amour
  5. The Mooncoin
    The Fermoy Lasses
    The High
  6. Clog À Ti-Jules
    Quadrille À Ti-Jules
    5e Partie De Caledonia
  7. Valse De L’amour Tendre Et Naif
  8. Polka Chinoise
    Reel De Chicoutimi
  9. Hommage À Marcel Lecours
    Gigue Du Petit Mousse
  10. Le Rossignol
  11. Cadgers On The Cannongate
    L’ange Aux Yeux Bleus
  12. Reel Bernachez
    Reel Saint-Michel
    Pete’s Breakdown
    Reel Richibucto
  13. L’entrainante
  14. Reel De Louis
  15. Le Reveil Des Oiseaux
  16. Paddy Fahy’s
    Ah! Surely
  17. Belles Iles Du Nord (1309)
  18. Hommage À Jean-Marie Verret

Two comments

Frank Sears: L’anche a deux cordes

Frank Sears is a young gifted accordeonist who’s style is distinct and lively. His playing is rythmically perfect and his repertoire is most interesting. Frank is here accompanied by a guitarist and a doublebass player.
The album was nominated for the best album of 2006 at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in Edmonton Alberta. Among other places, it can be purchased at www.galarecords.ca/commande.htm or at www.trentesouszero.com/255.html.
For those who enjoy "crooked tunes" - those are common in Quebec, the "Clog a Ti-Jules" (Aminor) is a jewel you’ll cherish, either on fiddle or accordeon. I play it on a C whistle but there’s a catch with the half holes needed here and there. I’ll try to submit this tune. If I don’t succeed, get in touch with me (chene.vert@videotron.ca) and I’ll gladly provide you with a MIDI file and/or a JPG or PDF of the part.