Against The Storm

By Johnny Cunningham And Phil Cunningham

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Against The Storm by John And Phil Cunningham

Highway Records SHY 7011, 1980

Phil Cunningham learned Golden Keyboard from Scottish flute and whistle player Kenny Hadden.

Phil learned The Wild Irishman in a Dublin session.

Johnny learned Ril Bheara from accordionist Dave Bulmer.

"Against The Storm":The Wild Irishman is really The Flowers Of The Red Mill

As said above. The Wild Irishman reel on this album has been misnamed.

No it hasn’t.

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OK Kenny, I won’t argue on the name, but this is how I came to The Flowers Of Red Mill:

I knew a tune called O’Rourkes,which I’d also seen called The Wild Irishman;

I started a "Name This Tune" discussion thread concerning the Cunningham tune, giving the initial ABC’s, and ended up being directed to Anderson’s Reel - which has a different tune, in the database - and The Flowers Of The Red Mill, which turned out to be Phil’s tune in the database;

The Wild Irishman in the database turns out to be another reel yet (The Glenties).