The Complete Works Of Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738) - Disc 3

By J.J. Sheridan

  1. Colonel John Irwin
  2. Colonel Irwin
  3. John Jameson
  4. Baptist Johnston
  5. John Jones
  6. Loftus Jones
  7. Thomas Morres Jones
  8. Robert Jordan
  9. Thomas Judge
  10. Mrs. Judge
  11. Mrs. Keel
  12. Donal Kelly
  13. Hugh Kelly
  14. John Kelly
  15. Mabel Kelly
  16. Patrick Kelly
  17. Susanna Kelly
  18. Planxty Kelly
  19. Lord Louth
  20. Henry MacDermott Roe, 1st Air
  21. Henry MacDermott Roe, 2nd Air
  22. Henry MacDermott Roe, 3rd Air
  23. Mrs. MacDermott Roe
  24. Mrs. Anne MacDermott Roe
  25. Elizabeth MacDermott Roe
  26. Father Brian MacDermott Roe
  27. Edmond MacDermott Roe
  28. John MacDermott
  29. Miss MacDermott, Or The Princess Royal

One comment

The Complete Works of Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738)

WORLD PREMIER RECORDING. The Complete 214 pieces arranged for piano and performed by one of Ireland’s greatest pianists. No more that 20 percent of O’Carolan had been previously recorded.

Tunes follow the layout in the Donal O’Sullivan edition, published by Ossian.

This disc presents Tunes for Patrons (59-87). The Complete Works of O’Carolan is available as a boxed set (8 discs). It can be purchased on, or individual tracks on iTunes and other download services.

The work is produced by Trigon Recordings.