Live In Palma

By Dervish

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Help, please….

If some one could give me the names of the Tunes under “the Green Mountain”, “Slow Reels” and the “Killavil jigs”, I’d be ecstatic


Dervish tune names

Does anyone know the names of the two reels which follow after The Green Mountain on the CD Dervish Live in Palma? There are no notes on the CD about the tune names.

Green Mountain set names

Noel Hill’s, Siobhan O’Donnell’s, Donald Blue, per Alan Ng’s

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Tune Titles

Slow Reels: These are actually two slip jigs and a reel. The slips jigs are Poirt an Deoraí and The Cock and the Hen. The reel is The Ashplant.

Killavil Jigs: The first one is called The Killavil Jig. I’m not sure of the name of the second one but the last one is one of Paddy Fahy’s jigs.

Dervish - Live in Palma - What are those Slow Reels?

The first 2 tunes in track 4 of Disk 1.

So lovely.

Anyone know the names?


Re: Live In Palma

I updated the recording list based on what I found here:

There were a couple of places where the two disagreed; I’m sure I made some mistakes; please help correct if you come across this, but should help the poster’s above find the tune names.

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Re: Live In Palma

The listing omits the final track, the song ‘Aililiu na Gamhna’ (wildly misspelled on the album’s liner). I’ve also corrected the spelling of track twenty.

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