Augusta: 20 Years Of Irish Music Recorded Live At The Augusta Heritage Center

By Various Artists

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Augusta: 20 Years of Irish Music

Produced by Mick Maloney and Margo Blevin, this double CD presents the highlights of public concerts from 20 years of "Irish Week" at the Augusta Heritage Center summer workshops. It is filled with memorable performances from a host of the most distinguished figures in Irish music on both sides of the Atlantic.

Total Recording Time: 145 min., 46 sec.
Recorded in Elkins, West Virginia, 1983 to 2002.

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Additional Notes:

Irish Week at Augusta started in 1982. It was a modest beginning, just three instructors: Liz Carroll, Billy McComiskey, and Mick Maloney taught about 40 students the rudiments of style on fiddle, accordion, mandolin, and tenor banjo. Word spread and more instructors were added as it became clear that there was a big demand for instruction in Irish Music. Irish Week became an integral part of the Augusta program. Students from all over America began to flock to Davis and Elkins College every July to learn Irish music and dance. Now there are over thirty instructors, assistants and staff musicians. Irish Week is now a major institution in the world of Irish traditional culture in the United States and attracts enthusiasts from all over the nation.

Just out of curiosity, is this still being sold or would anybody have a copy of it?