Rainy Sundays…Windy Dreams

By Andy Irvine

  1. The Emigrants Suite:
    Come To The Land Of Sweet Liberty
    Farewell To Old Ireland
    Edward Connors
  2. Longford Weaver
    Christmas Eve
  3. Farewell To Ballymoney
  4. Romanian Song (Blood And Gold)
  5. Paidushko Horo
  6. King Bore And The Sandman
  7. Rainy Sundays
  8. Bonny Woodhall

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What about Xmas Eve?

KS Slap thy wrist!

How could anyone post this CD & not mention Frankie Gavin’s Christmas Eve - on Viola - it’s quite magnificent & by a country mile the definitive version for me. First time I heard this LP I must have played that Longford Weaver track, which has Christmas Eve seemlessly gliding in at the end, about 50 times, over & over - Jews Harp is great in there too!

Some things just have to be said!!

yes, I learned x-mas eve off that record years ago. And I now love to play the tune on the viola, it really suits the instrument

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well,between the pair of you lads,you’ve sold this album to me as usually i don’t like listening to reels played on viola so i’m interested!

Christmas Eve

I agree about the Longford Weaver into Christmas Eve…..I also played it endlessly!

Rainy Sundays Windy Dreams

Does anybody know where i could buy a CD recording of this great album? All i can find is on LP.

Re: Rainy Sundays Windy Dreams

Possibly at one of Andy’s gigs - He’s in Bunratty on 4th July.

Re: Rainy Sundays Windy Dreams

Hmm … I haven’t listened to that record for 20 years … since my record player broke. I remember being always irritated by the saxophone solo. But x-mas eve on the viola made up for it I think.

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strayaway, thanks a million. I guess I’ll know where too look besides domestic amazon now!
cead mile fáilte

Sadly, amazon.co.uk doesn’t ship to the states, at least for this CD…