The Little Country

By Charles De Lint

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The Little Country (novel) by Charles de Lint

The novel takes place in and around Mousehole (pronounced Mouzel) in Cornwall, and at one point a character explains why Irish traditional music and sessions figure prominently in the Cornish setting. The first 32 tunes are used as chapter titles, with the rest mentioned in the text.

#19, Border Spirit is by Northumbrian piper Billy Pigg (1902-1968), the favorite musician of character Janey Little, also a piper.

#21, Leppadumdowledum was composed by Donal Lunny.

#24, So There I Was was composed by John Kirkpatrick.

#31, Absurd Good News is one of 16 tunes “composed” by Janey Little (de Lint, actually) and appended to the book.

The Little Country by Charles De Lint

I just finished re-reading this book again -- for at least the fourth time, and I’ve been picking Janey’s (De Lint’s) tunes from the appendix on my harp all week. I’m glad to hear of another lover of De Lint’s work. Thanks for posting the music, Tracie.