When The Boat Comes In

By Andy Findon

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  1. When The Boat Comes In
  2. Molly On The Shore
  3. Prospero’s Curse
  4. Ave Maria
  5. The Belgian Detective
  6. We Were Soldiers
  7. Spem In Alium
  8. Duelling Bamboos
  9. String Quartet (Debussy)
  10. Sabre Dance
  11. Adagietto - Mahler Symphony No. 5
  12. Black Lights
  13. Syrinx
  14. Stairway To Heaven

Two comments

Young’s TV advert

The title track of this album is a fleshed out version of the Young’s Sea To Plate TV advert which Andy Findon originally recorded. The rest of the cd is really varied, as he plays so many other instruments in different arrangements, from a sax quartet “Poirot”, to the Thomas Tallis motet in 40 (flute) parts! The whistle features in a couple of the other tracks, notably “Molly On The Shore” and the lasdt one, “Stairway To Heaven”. It’s not dull!


This Cd is available at Andy’s website either as a cd or for download at: www.andyfindon.com