Words And Music

By Planxty

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What a disappointing album! What were they thinking of?

This was recorded just before the second “break up” and released around 1983. They also did a tour that year without Christy Moore. I can’t remember who else was in the band, although Andy and Liam were there. I think the album was recorded without all the personnel available for all the tracks too. It’s very patchy, I agree.

In total disagreement

This album contains the two great highlights of all of Planxty..
Thousands are Sailing & Lord Baker.

Man, they even manage to use keyboard pads and make it sound not totally embarrising (a singular achievement in Irishness).

I think it’s a very strong album all through. The weak point could have been the Bob Dylan song but I think Christy Moore pulls it off, possibly because the lyrics aren’t quite as idiosyncratic (outlandish?!) as some of Dylan’s other songs.

Who plays fiddle?

I only the cassette edition and it does not mention any fiddler on the Aconry Lasses track. Any idea who that may be?


Pretty sure it was Nollaig Casey.


Fhe fiddle on the set of reels is James Kelly, unmistakably. A brilliant duet. And it’s a testament to the skill of Donal Lunny’s arranging prowess that the track exists sans strumming or thwacking. (I love the jigs too though, especially the thwacking intro.)

Nollaig Casey plays on the songs, unmistakably. I’m astounded as to how anyone can mix them up.

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Who made the last comment here …?

Re: Words And Music

The Paddy Fahys jig in track 1 is definitely “Calvey’s” and not “Fahey’s Favourite” as someone said above. The track listing links to the wrong tune. This is an accurate setting for the tune as it is played on the album: https://thesession.org/tunes/2561#setting15837

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Your above link is correct - to Gmajor key setting of “Paddy Fahey’s” jig. Please explain who “Calvey” is/was and why his/her name should be attached to a composition of Paddy Fahey.

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O’Flaherty’s Irish Music Retreat Tune Collection, p. 14 appears to be the only reference to Calvey’s - https://oflahertyretreat.org/documents/tune-books/OFlahertyIrishMusicRetreatTuneCollection.pdf.

The tune under the Calvey’s name isn’t listed at tunearch.org or its predecessor The Fiddlers’ Companion (http://www.ibiblio.org/fiddlers/).

Alan Ng’s Tune Info site (https://www.irishtune.info/) doesn’t recognise the name as well.

Calvey is very much a Mayo surname, particularly Achill Island, though there was also more than a few in Sligo, See https://www.barrygriffin.com/surname-maps/irish/CALVEY/

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Re: Words And Music

Thanks for the explanation GW, and the link to “O’Flaherty’s”. Hadn’t seen it before.

PS - just looked at “Calvey’s” - there are slight similarities to “Paddy Fahey’s” but it’s a completely different tune, and certainly not the jig that Planxty recorded. Whoever thinks that it’s the same tune as “Paddy Fahey’s”needs to go to the aural equivalent of “Specsavers”. I have heard that tune before, it is very possibly here already under another name, and I will try to find it.

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OK - it IS a Paddy Fahey jig, but not the one Planxty recorded. What’s caused confusion is that Setting #3 in the Paddy Fahey’s linked to above is a different Fahey jig and shouldn’t be there at all. Setting #3 in the link is the major version of the better-known Fahey jig. Life would be so much simpler if Paddy had given his tunes different names. At this point, I give up.

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PS - just to make it clear, the person who needs the aural “Specsavers” treatment is not Caroline P. who posted above, but the person who posted the Planxty version in the wrong “Paddy Fahey” jig 17 years ago. It’s sat there all this time, and nobody noticed.

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Thanks for all the additional comments. At this point I don’t know which Paddy Fahey’s jig it is… Maybe I will just take to calling it “Liam O’Flynn’s Paddy Fahey’s”!