Celtic Passion

By John Williams, Dean Magraw

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Tongs by the fire?

The second tune on the first track doesn’t sound like tongs by the fire. Anyone know which tune it really is?

Hey Ryan =D

The tune is Contentment is Wealth, but I dont know why they call it Tongs by the Fire…it actually isn’t tongs by the fire at all…but yes, that shall answer your question=D



Where to find Celtic Passion

Where is this recording available? I have looked at John’s and Dean’s web site and there is no mention of this recording.

Still looking

I can’t track it down anywhere either. Can anyone lend us a hand in finding this recording?

Where to find Celtic Passions

I picked it up at Target next to the cards in the "mood music". It’s put out by Lifescapes.

Terrific CD

I bought this on a whim at Target and it turned out to be a terrific find— In addition to Williams and Magraw, Liz Knowles’ is featured on fiddle and does a fantastic job.