The Tain

By Horslips

  1. Sentata
  2. Maeve’s Court
    Knockeen Free
  3. Chaolais
    Battle Hymn Of Munster
  4. You Can’t Fool The Beast
  5. Dearg Doom
  6. Ferdia’s Song
  7. Faster Than The Hound
  8. The Silver Spear
    Tie The Bonnet
    Gan Ainm
  9. More Than You Can Chew
    March Of The King Of Laois
  10. The Morrigan’s Dream
    Old Noll’s
  11. Time To Kill
    The Humours Of Whiskey

Four comments

Horslips - Silver Spear

On The Tain, The Horslips do the Silver Spear- Sligo maid- and third tune, does anyone know what the third tune was ? I know the tune in my head but looking for the name of it ?
The Information was on the tunes comments on this site, but I can not find it now ?

Re: Horslips - Silver Spear

According to the ‘official’ sites, the set is Silver Spear / Tie The Bonnet / unnamed reel.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful…and thanks for reminding me to dig out my Horslips collection!