Skin And Bone

By Dave Swarbrick And Martin Carthy

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  1. The Sheep Stealer
  2. The Poacher
  3. I Courted A Damsel
  4. Lucy Wan
  5. The Trip We Took Over The Mountain
  6. Skewball
  7. The Ride In The Creel
  8. The Brown Girl
  9. Such A War Has Never Been
  10. Perfumes Of Arabia
  11. Carthy’s
    The Return To Camden Town
  12. The New Mown Hay
  13. Clyde’s Water
  14. Mrs. Bermingham
    No. 178
    Blind Mary

One comment

Skin and Bone

The ’92 album from the ledgendary duo, who have been working together since the mid-60’s. Not their strongest albums, admittedly, but still worth a listen.