A Session With Jerry Holland

By Jerry Holland

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  1. The Auld Wife Around The Fire
    Miss Katie Trotter
    The Dismissal
  2. The Stonehouse
    Malcolm’s New Fiddle
    Meeting John Hartford
  3. Morning
  4. Lady Duff
    Bonnie Strathmore
  5. Old Faithful
    Máire O’Keeffe’s
  6. Beautiful Lake Ainslie
    Miss Grace Menzies
    Mr. Barnard’s
    Compliments To Buddy MacMaster
  7. Souter Johnny
    Irvine Steeple
    Reel O’Corse
  8. Arthur Muise
    Little Judique
    Mary Cotter
  9. Alex Menzies
    Lad O’Beirne’s
    Dublin Porter
  10. Memories Of Mary Anne MacKenzie
    The Marquis Of Huntley’s Highland Fling
    John Morris Rankin
    Iggie And Squiggie
  11. MacKenzie’s Rant
    Miss MacKenzie Of Gairloch
    Marry Me Now
  12. Maiden’s Prayer

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Jerry Holland’s first recording, from 1990. It was originally only available on cassette but a CD version is now available from Jerry Holland’s website. It is a superb album with a great feel.

The website is:


“A Session with Jerry Holland” ~ & friends

Dedicated to the late John Morris Rankin, fiddler, piano player & bassist (The Rankin Family) and one of the fine Cape Breton musicians featured on this recording. The recording is of a gathering of friends around music ~ Jerry Holland, John Morris Rankin & Dave MacIsaac, all fine folk and musicians.

John Morris Rankin, member of the ‘Rankins’, died, age 40, January 16th, 2000, when his truck plunged into the ocean at Whale Cove, near Margaree Harbour…



“A Session with Jerry Holland” ~ Composer credits:

track 1: Strathspey & reels
Miss Kathy Trotter, reel ~ Robert MacIntosh
The Dismissal, reel ~ Sandy MacLean

track 2: jigs
The Stonehouse Jig ~ Aubrey Chapman
Malcolm’s New Fiddle ~ Jerry Holland
Meeting John Hartford ~ Jerry Holland

track 3: air
Morning ~ Lew Alpaugh

track 4: jigs

track 5: march & reels
Old Faithful, march ~ Jerry Holland
Emily’s, reel ~ Otis Tomas
Máire O’Keeffe’s, reel ~ Otis Tomas

track 6: air, Strathspey & reels
Beautiful Lake Ainslie, air ~ Elmer Briand
Miss Grace Menzies ~ William Marshall
Mr. Barnard’s ~ Nathaniel Gow
Compliments To Buddy MacMaster ~ Jerry Holland

track 7: reels
Reel O’Corse ~ Peter Milne

track 8: jigs
Arthur Muise ~ Jerry Holland
Mary Cotter ~ Paul S. Cranford

track 9: clog & reels
Alex Menzies, clog ~ Charles Duff

track 10: air, highland fling & reels
Memories Of Mary Anne MacKenzie ~ Hector MacKenzie
The Marquis Of Huntley’s Highland Fling
John Morris Rankin, reel ~ Jerry Holland
Iggie And Squiggie, reel ~ Jerry Holland

track 11: Rant, Strathspey & reel

track 12:
Maiden’s Prayer ~ Bob Wills

NOTE: This isn’t Jerry Holland’s first recording…

Thanks to ceolachan; I didn’t realise that putting a composer’s name on the listings prevented the system linking to tune transcriptions.

Nice work prouse… 😎

That’s strange ~ 😏 ~ I thought there were more of these already transcribed on site here. I’ll have to check, maybe there are differences in the names? ~ alternate titles?