Scottish Fiddle

By John Martin And Jack Evans

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  1. The Lochaber Gathering
    Helen Black Of Inveran
    Alex C. MacGregor
  2. The Yellow-haired Laddie
    The North Shore
  3. Dunie Mains
    Maggie Brown’s
    The New Claret
  4. Pennan Den
    John O’Groat’s House
    The Bird’s Nest
  5. Captain Carswell
    The Blackberry Bush
    Dancing Feet
  6. The Miller O’ Hirn
    The Spey In Spate
    The Marquis Of Huntly
  7. Miss Campbell Of Saddell
    Niel Gow’s Second Wife
    Captain Keeler
  8. Farewell To Fort George
    Mrs Stewart Of Grantully
    The Twisted Bridge
  9. Dr. Morrison’s Seven Thistles
    The Duke Of Fife’s Welcome To Deeside
  10. The Field Of Bannockburn
    The Forth Bridge

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The only solo recording by the fiddle player with Ossian, The Easy Club and currently the Tannahill Weaver’s. It was privately issued as a cassette in 1990 and I don’t believe it has ever been available in any other form; unfortunately I think it is almost unobtainable. A shame as it is a great recording by a major Scottish fiddler of the last 30 years

My favourite recording of Scottish fiddle. I did ask John a year or so ago about releasing it on CD, there were no plans to do so. I think it was recorded in a day, for a tour John did in the States with “Ossian”.

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Just been listening to this again - I don’t have sleeve notes for this recording, but I believe the order of the first 2 marches on Track 1 is the wrong way round.

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Now sorted.

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