Scottish Fiddle

By John Martin And Jack Evans

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The only solo recording by the fiddle player with Ossian, The Easy Club and currently the Tannahill Weaver’s. It was privately issued as a cassette in 1990 and I don’t believe it has ever been available in any other form; unfortunately I think it is almost unobtainable. A shame as it is a great recording by a major Scottish fiddler of the last 30 years

My favourite recording of Scottish fiddle. I did ask John a year or so ago about releasing it on CD, there were no plans to do so. I think it was recorded in a day, for a tour John did in the States with "Ossian".

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Just been listening to this again - I don’t have sleeve notes for this recording, but I believe the order of the first 2 marches on Track 1 is the wrong way round.

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Now sorted.

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