The Wansbeck Piper

By Pauline Cato

  1. Calliope House
    Tripping Upstairs
  2. Captain Ross
    Cuckold Come Out Of The Amrey
  3. The Piper’s Weird
  4. The Carrick
    Happy Hours
  5. Lament For Ian Dickson
  6. The Acrobat
  7. The Wild Hills Of Wannies
  8. Town Green
  9. The Exhibition
    The Hawk
  10. Neil Gow’s Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife
  11. Rowley Burn
    Remember Me
  12. The Lady’s Well
    The Cliff
  13. Wallington Hall
    The Locomotive
  14. Moving Cloud
    The New High Level
    The Mason’s Apron

One comment

Pauline Cato - The Wansbeck Piper

Pauline’s first solo recording, 1992. Self produced. (#PCCD 01)

Mostly solo Nortumbrian pipes.

Classy playing.