By Planxty

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The best Planxty album? i think so, not that the others are anything from brilliant.

Alot of their songs have tunes at the end of them, such as The Wise Maid at the end of the Jolly Beggar. It would be wise to add them.

“Junior Crehan’s Favourite”, as played on “PLanxty”

Liam O‘Flynn’s pensive playing of this reel and its accompaniment must be the most exquisite use of the tin whistle by a ’70’s ITM supergroup, not that I’ve heard them all.

So this was their first album, released in 1973, right?

Correct again….

I seem to remember getting this album free with a year’s subscription to “Folk Review” magazine. Probably changed my life.

Could Celtic1234 edit this Recording by adding The Wise Maid above and the Eastern-European tune that follows the Blacksmith in the Details? Cheers