Ceol An Cláir

By Various Artists

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  1. The Reel Of Mullinavat
    Tie The Ribbons
  2. The Drunken Gauger
  3. The Wheels Of The World
    Rakish Paddy
  4. The Dear Irish Boy
  5. Mary Brennan’s Favourite
    Sean O Duibhir A’Ghleanna
  6. The Mist Covered Mountain
    The Golden Castle
  7. Denny Mescall’s
    The Salamanca
    The Milliner’s Daughter
  8. The Humours Of Kilclogher
    Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight
  9. The Repeal Of The Union
    Toss The Feathers
    The Maids Of Mitchellstown
  10. The Kerry Woman’s Lament
  11. The Gallowglass
    Jimmy Ward’s Favourite
  12. Drowsy Maggie
    O’Connell’s Farewell To Dublin
    The Morning Star
    The Foxhunter’s
    Banish Misfortune
    The Bucks Of Oranmore
    Gillan’s Apples

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Ceol an Clair

Classic recording of Clare fiddlers Bobby Casey, Junior Crehan, Joe Ryan, Patrick Kelly, and John Kelly.

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Here’s a list of who plays which tracks.

Bobby Casey: tracks 1, 2, and 11.
Joe Ryan: tracks 3, 4, and 9.
John Kelly: tracks 5 and 8.
Junior Crehan: tracks 6 and 10.
Patrick Kelly: tracks 7 and 12.

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I’m surprised that a handful of tunes aren’t linking to the tunes section. One is a typo: Bucks of Ornamore? Surely Jimmy Ward’s, Wheels of the World, and Sean O’Dwyer of the Glen are here under some spelling or other. I’ll poke around a bit.

I’ve added Jimmy Ward’s Favourite as an alternate title (it was there as Jimmy Ward’s and Ward’s Favourite, but not with all three words) and Wheels of the World (it was there as The Wheels of the World), so now they are linked.

Sorry about the Bucks. I’ve fixed it. Last night’s Jameson’s may have had something to do with that….

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Ceol an Clair CD

I’m trying to figure out the tunes on the Ceol an Clair CD. I have the list of tunes from this site, but my computer tells me there are 20 tunes…so obviously there are some sets, and some single tunes.

Here is what I have come up with so far:
1. Reel of Mullinivat/Tie the Ribbons
2. The Drunken Gauger
3. Wheels of the World
4. Rakish Paddy
5. Dear Irish Boy
6. Mary Brennan’s Favorite/Sean O Duibhir a Ghleanna
7. Mist Covered Mountain/Caislean an Oir
8. Denny Mescall’s Slide
9. Salamanca/Miller’s Daughter
10. Humours of Kilclogher
?Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight
11. Repeal of the Union/Toss the Feathers/Maids of Mitchellstown
12. Kerry Woman’s Lament
13. Gallowglass/ Jimmy Ward’s Favourite
14. Drowsy Maggie
15. O’Connell’s Farewell to Dublin
16. Morning Star
17. Fohunter’s Reel
18. Banish Misfortune
19. Bucks of Oranmore
20. Gillan’s Apples

Could anyone who has this help me out? Thanks…

Re: Ceol an Clair CD

As far as I can tell your tune list looks good except for the track after the Mist-coverd Mountain which I know as Bobby Casey’s Hornpipe (also called Humours of Tullycreine)
There is a slide before the slip jig Elizabeth Kelly’s that I don’t know the name of.
Also--the “Miller’s Daughter ” I know as the “Milliner’s Daughter ”--(but maybe just a different name , same tune)
Great recording, isn’t it?

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Ceol an Clair

aoife, you are right regarding The Milliner’s Daughter.

But the hornpipe played (and composed, or at least “set” ) by Junior Crehan was correctly listed by bmoloney.

bmoloney, I think you have them all correctly named and ordered as on the LP but your numbering is off.

The Wheels of the World is listed together with Rakish Paddy as track 3.

Then The Dear Irish Boy and Mary Brennan’s Favorite are listed separately as tracks 4 and 5.

Sean O Duibhir a’Ghleanna is listed as “track 6, air and set dance.”

The Humors of Kilclogher (single jig) and Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight (slip jig) are listed together as track 11.

And so on to the end with Gillian’s Apples as track 21.

Hope this helps.


In case this helps, here’s the order on my copy of the CD:

Bobby Casey
1. The reel of Mullinavat, Tie the ribbons
2. The drunken gauger
3. The Gallowglass jig, Jimmy Ward’s jig

Joe Ryan
4. The wheels of the world, Rakish Paddy
5. The dear Irish boy
6. The repeal of the Union, Toss the feathers, The maids of Mitchelstown

John Kelly
7. Mary Brennan’s favourite
8. Sean O Duibhir a’Ghleanna
9. The humours of Kilclogher, Elizabeth Kelly’s delight

Junior Crehan
10. The mist-covered mountain
11. Caislean an oir
12. The Kerry woman’s Lament

Patrick Kelly
13. Denny Mescall’s slide
14. The Salamanca, The milliner’s daughter
15. Drowsy Maggie
16. O’Connell’s farewell to Dublin
17. The morning star
18. The foxhunter’s reel
19. Banish misfortune
20. The bucks of Oranmore
21. Gillan’s apples

tuning/key for track 1

It sounds like the 1st track is played in a strange tuning-it definitely isn’t the e dorian listed on the abc notation for the tunes. Does anyone have an idea about what key or tuning Bobby Casey is playing this set in?

Thank you

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Re: Ceol An Cláir

For anyone who sees Iramc’s comment and wonders the same thing, Bobby Casey is playing in standard GDAE tuning but down a half-step. So it’s something like F#C#A#E# or GbDbAbEb tuning.

Re: Ceol An Cláir

Isn’t “down a half-step” from A = G#, and E = Eb ?

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Re: Ceol An Cláir

Right, Kenny, I wasn’t being careful enough. My error. *Sigh*. So it’s F#C#G#D#, or I suppose it could be notated as GbDbAbEb.