Honk Toot Suite

By Éamonn Coyne and Kris Drever

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Honk Toot Suite

This is a really fun album, released in 2006 on Compass Records. It’s just as eclectic as Eamonn Coynes previous solo album, Through the Round Window, but feels more cohesive somehow, perhaps because there aren’t as many guest musicians this time around.
Lots of interesting tunes, and novel settings of standard ones. I especially like the 20’s-influenced tracks, like the barndance set, and the novelty number Cock-A-Doodle! Also, Kris drever sings a couple of fine songs, one of which was written by his father!
I’ve listed all the tunes seperately in the track listings, but here they are as they are listed on the CD:
House Jigs
Lucy’s Swamp
The Peninsula Set
The Viking’s Bride
Lakeside Barndances
Roscommon Reels
Walking in the Dew
Glencoe to Gort
Twenty Quid
Honk Toot Suite

I agree that this is a really enjoyable album, and a very well recorded one too. This, and Coyne’s previous album, are about the best sounding banjo albums I can think of. The production is just right and avoids the harsh/ shrill effect on some banjo albums and the pudding-dull sound of others. This has something to do with Coyne’s relaxed and un-pushy style; he really swings without battering the listener into triplet-induced submission (unlike some better known players). Drever is a great guitar player too and they make a great pairing. My current top banjo album!

Old Maids/Pretty Girls Of MayoOf Galway

Track 10, second tune is identified as “Pretty Girls Of Mayo”.

I’m pretty sure this is “Old Maid(s) Of Galway”