Air Dancing

By Kathryn Tickell Band

  1. April Frolic
  2. Rhymeside 3
  3. Small Coals And Little Money
    Wild Berries
  4. Herd On The Hill
    Elsey Marley
  5. Mike Tickell’s Birthday
    Wedding Gift
  6. Winding Sideways
  7. The Very First Fish
    Music For A New Crossing, Part 2
  8. Long Grass
    Ha’penny Fields
    A Broken Shell
  9. Peter Man
    The Weasel Of Colterscleuch
    Fiddlebeat Breakdown
    Falls Of Altnarie
  10. Air Moving
  11. Herbert The Sherbert
    The Stool Of Repentance
    The Bar Is Ruaridh
  12. Steve And Jenny

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Kathryn Tickell Band - "Air Dancing"

On the whole a quiet, pastoral-sounding album, in this respect akin to her next one, "The Sky Didn’t Fall" (with Corrina Hewat), only in this case all instrumental, no songs.
The tunes include a number composed by Kathryn and other band members, with others from Scotland, Canada and Alistair Anderson. There are atmospheric pieces among them, such as the Waltzes set. But there is a particular (musical) highlight for me when the band go straight at a Northumbrian standard, The Herd On The Hill, and play it three times through, pipes, fiddle, melodeon, guitar, all giving it their best. Perfect.

(Not so sure the melodeon’s in there - it’s still a brilliant sound.)

(Yes, I think the melodeon’s in there, after all…)

Re: Air Dancing

(I stripped the short titles and parenthesis from the tracklist, enabling links to the tunes.)

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