From Shetland

By Trevor Hunter

  1. Bailey’s
    Mitton’s Breakdown
  2. Dolphin
  3. Trettondedagsmarchen
  4. Jack Broke Da Prison Door
    De’il Sick Da Minister
    Sleep Soond Ida Morning
    Da Boannie Isle O’ Whalsey
  5. Da Guizer’s March
    Carnival March
    Fort Charlotte
  6. Feargal O’Gara
    Dowd’s Favourite
    The Skylark
  7. Wild Rose Of The Mountains
  8. Cabister Head
    Da Bressay Light
    Da Bressay
  9. Theodore Napier
    Mrs Garden Of Troup
    James Scott Skinner
  10. Bonnie Glenfarg
  11. Peter Davidson’s
    Captain Peterson Of Melby
  12. Dean Brig O’ Edinburgh
    The Banks
  13. Frenchie’s
    Mary Claire
  14. Shannon
    Stone’s Rag

Two comments

Trevor Hunter ‘From Shetland’

With Jack Robertson on guitar and double bass, and Margaret Rutherford and Elaine Hunter on piano.
Donside Records DRCD 1028 (1991)

Classy playing.

This one is a favourite of my wife’s and I also enjoy it, as I have been again today. Yes, the classical influences are there, but he handles it all very nicely, not sacraficing the tunes but carrying them and presenting them very well. There is one odd thing about this CD, no jigs, not a one, but plenty of variety, if some of it curious but just as enjoyable. There are a couple of shmaltzy waltzes, which we both love, and there’s a beautiful Marchen from the North Country, and something for Christmas too… (As it hasn’t yet been made, I guess I’d better make that link from here to the transcription of same…)

I’ve had this going for a good part of today and have enjoyed every minute of it… 😉