By Shooglenifty

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  1. McConnell’s Rant
  2. Excess Baggage
  3. She’s A Keeper
    The Lead Break
    The Trim Controller
  4. Charlie And The Professor
    The Tap Inn
    The Dazzler
  5. Loreen’s Tune
  6. Ful’ Tae The Heid O’ Troots
    Ako Umram Il Zaginam
    32 Bars Of Filth
  7. The Eccentric
  8. The Patient Nurses
    Wattle Grove
    Another Bucket Of Eels
  9. Walter C Douglas
  10. Jane’s Dance

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This came out a couple weeks ago if ordered from Music Scotland. I just got my copy today and I have to say that what I have heard so far beats the expectations I had of this album.

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I like troots. I spent many hours of my youth fishing for them. "Ful’ Tae The Heid O’ Troots" must be a river or burn that inspired some music.

Loreen’s Tune

It’s taken me a little while to get into this new Shooglenify album. It’s strating to grow on me lots. Has anybody out there got the dot’s for "Loreen’s Tune" yet?


The Trim Controller

Has 3 tunes in the set. im not sure what the name of the missing one is though.