The Night Rambler’s Companion

By Harry Bradley

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The Night Rambler’s Companion

This is an excellent recording launched in December 2006. Harry Bradley is joined by Paul O’Shaughnessy on the fiddle, Emmet Gill on the uilleann pipes and, last but not least, Mary Corcoran on the piano. As usual, every tune comes with footnotes.

All profit from sales of the CD is donated to charity - and this album is worth every penny spent on it.

Nice Album

Great playing and tunes. I’m really intrigued by his way of breathing.

Green Blanket

Wrong link for Green Blanket jig as it brings ya to the Ewe Reel. Bradley’s playing is the jig like Malowney’s Wife.

Second tune on track 12 is Contentment is wealth.

Re: The Night Rambler’s Companion

Made a few corrections to the links, as follows :

2nd tune on track #5 link was wrong. I’m not sure that this tune is anywhere here yet. Frankie Gavin recorded it on his flute album as the first of 2 "McLaughlin’s Flings". I think John Doherty may have recorded it as "The Royal Artillery Band" [ or something similar ].

"The Wounded Hussar" link was wrong - it’s a slow air.

"Tom Morrison’s" - track # 13, may be here but under another name. "Charlie O’Neill’s" after it is usually called "The Shelf".

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