Rhythm And Rhyme

By Tamalin

  1. Rhythm And Rhyme
  2. Skipping Over The Bogs
  3. In The Morning
  4. Jim Donoghue’s
    The Tempest
    The Fair Wind
  5. Words
  6. Kerreg Beg An Triez
  7. Land Of Love
  8. Crazyman Michael
  9. Reaping The Rye
    McIntyre’s Fancy
  10. Gort Na Sailean
  11. Some Day Soon
  12. Poor Tom
  13. Easter Sunday
    The Reconciliation
    The Steeplechase

Three comments


This was their first recording and consists of:

Tina McSherry: Flute and Vocals
John McSherry: Uileann Pipes and Whistle
Joanne McSherry: Fiddle
Paul McSherry: Guitar
Kevin Norris: Bouzouki
Dave Early: Percussion (he died in a car crash in Oct. 1996 and never saw the release of the album)

The 3 Irish tunes sets (Reconciliation, The Tempest and Reaping the Rye) are great and full of life but the singing is not my cup of tea. I would love to see them release an album but trash the singer, or get a new one because her style is “out of bounds” shall we say!

Bouzouki player…

…is actually called Kevin Dorris, or Dod for short.

I think he suits Kevin Norris better though.

Jack McIlduff plays the drums on Poor Tom; he’s also a great piper.