After The Break

By Planxty

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Track 8

Note that track 8 is a bonus track only appearing on later releases, and that the tune listing for that track is incorrect. It should be:

The Old Wheels Of The World / The Chattering Magpie / Lord McDonald

I like this one. “You Rambling Boys Of Pleasure” is exactly the sort of melancholy song Irvine does or did best, and when he has picked such songs they’ve had good words (like this one, and “As I Roved Out” and “Bonnie Woodhall” on other albums). The other songs are rousing, especially “Farmer Michael Hayes” - together with the Balkan piece after.

this would be their 4th LP, published in 1979

Don’t forget Molloy……….

Strange that no-one’s mentioned that this “Planxty” recording was noteable for the inclusion of Matt Molloy on flute. Flute and uilleann pipes have seldom blended together so well. What’s been posted here is the track listing of the CD release, from 1992. The original LP version, from 1979, as “birlbirdie” mentions above, had a slightly different track order, and I don’t think had the “Lord McDonald” reel set.

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