The Piper’s Apron

By Tommy Keane

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The Piper’s Apron

A fantastic CD by Irish piper Tommy Keane. Jacqueline McCarthy joins Tommy on concertina on the Maids of Mount Cisco and The Crooked Road. This has been out for along time but I was listening to it today and it still sounds great.

Tommy Keane

One of my favourite albums of all time. Anybody know if he’s ever recorded anything else.

“Tommy Keane: The Piper’s Apron”

From beginning to end a pleasure, including the accompaniments, arranged by Brendan O’Regan.. Some fine whistle playing with bodhran accompaniment on track 2, and the rest of it is Tommy Keane on pipes with various friends… I’ve been enjoying it again today, great stuff.

I agree with all the above comments - I’ve had this album for some months and have only just started listening to it. Criminal negligence on my part - then again my loss! Yes, this is a superb, tidy, well produced, well balanced excellent album.