Sweet Liberty

By Garva

  1. The Orphan
    The Eavesdropper
    Paddy Keenan’s
  2. Lullaby
  3. Dance Of The Rabbits
  4. My Old Man
  5. Tunnel Tigers
  6. Moonlight And Clover
  7. The Prayer Of Shields
  8. The Eagle’s Feather
  9. The Basque
  10. Famine
    Taimse Im’ Chodhladh
  11. Down Our Street
  12. The Knocknagow
    Apples In Winter
    The Mooncoin
  13. Suantrai
  14. Trim The Velvet
    Mayor Harrison’s Fedora
    The Crooked Road
  15. Keg Of Brandy
  16. Do Me Justice
  17. Song For Life
  18. Taglione

Three comments

“Garva: Sweet Liberty” ~ the musicians

Which I haven’t got, but it’s a shame nothing has been said, at least listing the musicians involved:

Kevin Webster - Accordion, Vocals
John Murphy - Uilleann Pipes, Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Tony Gibbons - Cittern, Vocals
Shay Black - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Terry Coyne - Flute, Whistle, Vocals
Additional Vocals on bonus tracks:
Steve Higham - Guitar, Vocals

Dave Howard - Mandolin ~ evidently only for track 17, “Song for the Life”

Courtesy of ~

The ‘bonus tracks’ ~

15. ) “Keg of Brandy”

16. ) “Do Me Justice”

17. ) “Song for the Life”

18. ) “The Taglione”