Raise The Rafters

By Molly’s Revenge

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  1. P.M. William Grey
    John McLean
    Aussie Stevie
  2. The Rainy Day
    Farell O’Gara
    The Swallowtail
  3. Mary And The Gallant Soldier
    When The Cock Crows It’s Day
  4. War Hent Kerrigouarch
    An Dro
    The Musical Priest
  5. Lady Anne Montgomery
    Brumley Brae
    McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
  6. The Battle Of Waterloo
    Finbarr Saunder’s
    Mrs. Martha Knowles
  7. Mike Cooney’s Fancy
    Girl From The Big House
    The Kitchen Maid
  8. Dram For The Piper
  9. Pipe Major Jim Christie Of Wick
    Sabhal Mor Osthaig
    Jenny Tied The Bonnet Tight
    The Youngest Daughter
    The Pitnacree Ferry Boatman
  10. The Roving Bachelor
    Reel Of Bogie
    Fred Finn’s
  11. The Close Shave
    Hardiman’s Fancy
  12. The Flowing Tide
    Gan Ainm
    The Plains Of Boyle

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Raise the Rafters

My first experience of Molly’s Revenge was at a live show they did and I have to be honest, the CD falls short. They are THE best live show I have ever seen. They are a really intensely super high energy band and there’s probably no way to capture that onto a CD. But still, it’s a good CD, well worth listening to. But if you ever get a chance to see them live, DO IT! I can promise you that there are very few other bands out there as captivating and fun to watch as Molly’s Revenge.

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Oh yeah

I guess I better give the line up, since it has changed over the last few years.
David Brewer: highland pipes, whistles, bodhran, vocals
John Weed: fiddles, vocals
Pete Haworth: bouzouki, lead vocals
Stuart Mason: guitars, mandola, vocals

And Andy Zenczak guesting on the bass.

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