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The Raineys

This is a recent release from the Pavee Point Travellers Centre. The CD of Paddy and Stephen Rainey on fiddle recorded in Freeney’ Pub in Letterfrack, Connemara, in 1956. Their sister Brigid sings three songs.

According to the excellent CD notes, the Rainey family were well known Traveller musicians in Galway over several generations. In summer they travelled in Connemara and in the winter they withdrew to east Galway. The sound quality of the CD is surprisingly good considering it was recorded over 51 years ago.

I would highly recommend this CD to anyone who prefers traditional music a little raw and less polished than most modern-day recordings.

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Noise Reduction

This sounds to me like someone went overboard with the noise reduction software… There’s almost as much removal artifact as their is original recording. That said, the music is outstanding and very highly recommended! I only wish there was more information available.

I’m sad to say that while googling for contact info for some of the people involved with this recording, I found the (recent) obituary for the man who recorded the Rainey’s, Tony Knowland.,,1984811,00.html

Their rhythm is fantastic- and I love the way some tunes just seem to fall to bits at the end, as if they don’t really want to stop. Their version of ‘Lark in the Morning’ is particularly impressive.
A minor point: the order of tunes on Track 2 is the reverse of what it says on the notes.