At The Racket

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At the Racket

Debut recording released in 1997 by At the Racket. Musicians are:

John Carty: banjo, fiddles, flute
Brian McGrath: keyboard/piano, banjo, mandolin
Garry O’Briain: guitars, mandocello, viola, keyboard, vocals
Seamus O’Donnell: Saxophone, flute, bodhran, vocals

An interesting arrangement of instrument where the saxophone works surprisingly well. Some nice old songs including one from the Flanagan brothers, The darling girl from Clare.

There is another recording here under the same name but that it their second album released in 2000, not this one.

Bloody hell, I’ve tried *so* hard not to like this, but I’m just not succeeding. I’m just going to have to change CDs on the stacker whenever I drive my “pure drop” friends anywhere 🙂