Irish Piano Magic

By J.J. Sheridan

  1. Madame Bonaparte
    Devil’s Dream
    Masons’s Apron
  2. Saint Bernard
  3. Smash The Windows
    Saddle The Pony
    Haste To The Wedding
  4. Vincent Campbell
    John Doherty”s
    Shoe The Donkey
  5. Love’s Old Sweet Song
  6. The Ballydesmond
    John Ryan’s
  7. Rose Of Erin
  8. The Butterfly
  9. Brosna
    Denis Murphy’s
    Dingle Regatta
  10. I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight
  11. Miss McLeod
    The Sally Gardens

Two comments

The Piano Magic of Ireland’s Great Pianist

Classic Jigs, Reels, Slides, Polkas and others by piano wizard J.J. Sheridan. Includes the WORLD PREMIER RECORDING of his Rose of Erin Waltz.

You can find buy it from his website here:

which just links you to,

This is a neat album, thanks for posting. I think the piano is underrated as a lead melody instrument in this music. It gets a lot of credit for backing. Maybe it’s just my own ignorance but it’d be nice if more of this sort of thing were around. The slides are particularly lively, sounds like an overdub for a third part of Dingle Regatta, which is fun.

Ted McGraw has posted an MP3 of pianist Leo Malloy backing Danny O’Donnell, some really nutty stuff. Is there any more from those sessions?